About Seafood Express and More Restaurant

Founded by Owners Charley Akel and his brother Johnny Akel, the very first Seafood Express & More Restaurant location opened its doors to business in 1999. Prior to opening the restaurant, Charley had operated a successful seafood restaurant chain for more than 16 years, and along with his brother, had spent most of his life in the restaurant industry.

The idea for Seafood Express & More was partly inspired by a seafood takeout window in Downtown where Johnny used to manage called Seafood Express. Based around family and friendly service, The Akel brothers felt it was only fitting to carry on the name and incorporate that idea into their own business.

From the very start, the Akel brothers made it their mission to provide quick service and the freshest seafood available, all in a family-friendly environment. Dedicated to running the business in accordance with those ideas, Seafood Express & More quickly grew in popularity, and by late 2008, they had to move to a bigger location, opening a second restaurant just a year later.

Today, the Akel brothers are still very hands-on and love interacting with their customers. In addition to offering a wide selection fresh seafood options, they are also committed to offering menu choices that are healthy, with food that is prepared using the finest methods and ingredients. Not only is frying oil replaced daily, but separate foods are cooked in separate vats to ensure that everything, from the French fries to the clam strips, maintains its own unique flavor.

Seafood Express & More’s menu includes a fantastic selection of seafood prepared just the way you like it, as well as chicken, burgers, pasta and other landlubber favorites. We serve lunch and dinner, with everything cooked to order! We also offer a wide selection of wines and beers. So, whether you’re with your family or just need a quick bite to eat, stop by and see us at one of our two locations. You’ll always find fast, exceptional service and delicious, savory dishes that have to be tasted to be believed!
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